Mindset 2017 Sermon Series

Lisa Desert LifeSermons


Our minds are like paper-crafted areoplanes. They takes us places. Even though exposed to the same breeze – our lives can all go different directions. Mindsets determine both the direction of our life and its quality. Mindsets can be fixed or growing; healthy or unhealthy. Mindsets determine the thoughts we think, the choices we make, the feelings we experience. Our mindsets can be damaged and damage others. Mindsets are contagious and malleable; we can catch, change, formulate them and pass them on. The Bible calls us to lives changed by a new mindset. Renewed mindsets have power to reshape our lives and the world around us. But what mindsets should we embrace and what should we replace? What should we tolerate and what should we cultivate? And why? Who says? In this new series we will look at transforming mindsets and how to live out of a renewed mind.