Better Homes and Families

Rachel RussellSermons

Better Homes and Families

In this day and age – living with others under any type of roof can be a challenge. We live in a complex world and we all have different experiences, expectations and histories. These differences increase the possibility of conflict and a toxic culture developing or taking over our every day living spaces.

 The ‘Better Homes and Families’ series will focus on the Bible’s revolutionary and deeply practical instructions for how it is we go along and get along, creating flourishing relational environments in our homes and private lives.  

Whether it’s marriage, romantic relationships, friendships and child raising, sharing a flat with others and resolving issues, or relating to people in the workplace – our better homes and families will challenge and sharpen your ability to build a flourishing environment that will be a blessing to you, and life giving for others. 

You won’t want to miss Better homes and families: The Bible’s teaching on how to bring “grace and truth under your roof!”