Colossians: How to Live Full

Rachel RussellSermons

Colossians Sermon Series
Ever sat back in peace after a hearty Christmas meal – completely full – and said: “I can’t fit another thing in!”
Our souls crave fullness – they want to be filled. Our lives crave completion – they want to be fulfilling and deeply meaningful. These are two strong themes in Colossians. The book of Colossians is a powerful letter, written by Paul in prison, to a church that was bombarded by competing ideas of what fullness and completion mean.
This Church was just like we can often be: Tempted to desire, crave or chase things which promise a “deeper sense of completion” to those who will chase after it. Of course, for Paul, this was an issue!
The completion humans need is ALREADY AVAILABLE in the Gospel and presence of Jesus in the Christian Life. But this must be APPROPRIATED (TAKEN AHOLD OF). Colossians warns us of the danger to seek our own sense of completion in the flawed ways offered by the world and brings our focus back into an earth-shattering Gospel truth: No part of human existence remains untouched by the loving and liberating Christ.
In the Gospel – we are invited to live in the present as if the new creation arrived when Jesus rose from the dead. THIS type of life will not only re-shape the world – it will bring the deepest sense of completion a person has ever known.
A deep life. A connected life. A full life.
Colossians invites us to discover fullness in Christ and live our whole lives out of a whole life with all our pieces joined together.