Authority: The Voice of the Messiah

Sam HarrisSermons

This November and December join us as we witness the universe shaking power of a Word from Christ!

Matthew Chapters 8-10

Matthew’s Gospel is the eyewitness account of a formerly hated tax collector, standover-bully and corrupt official, and his encounter with Jesus of Nazareth.
Not only did this encounter turn his world upside down (making it the right way round!), but he witnessed how the touch and teaching of Jesus did the same to many others.
This Gospel gives us a front-row seat to witness the universe shaking the power of a Word from Christ – and invites us to become participants in that very same word – experiencing it for ourselves and sharing its mystery with others.

In our new series “Authority: The voice of the Messiah” we will journey with Matthew through a series of cameos which guide us into an encounter with that very same word and school us in how we can give it away to others